OOC: - Mini-bus for the Gathering 2007

Ok, I've already put a thread for this on the Temple board, but I know there are some who check here more often.

So for the benefit of the North Easterners and anyone from the other side of the wall, If you would like a place on the Battlebus for the Gathering 2007 going down on the Friday (I can't leave on the Thursday, but planning an early leave on the Friday morning) leave your tag here

I will be needing a non-refundable deposit from people (due to others, no longer with us it seems, saying they want a space then changing their mind at the last minute... literally), but once I get numbers I'll be able to confirm prices etc.
i have a new hire company, who have lots of lovely new minibuses and people carriers (plus a Merc SLK which I think I might treat myself to a days hire one time) which should work out cheaper than even the great prices offered by the old company.

So, who's gonna be first to sign up?

Moot 2 (Minibus for Northeast Templars)

If I get enough names, I'll arrange and drive a minibus to Moot 2 for Templars coming from the North East (or those from the far flung and windy North if they want to travel down to join us)
So post names here or on the Temple boards ASAP
I don't want to leave it till the last minute.
Also I would like to arrange getting a non-refundable deposit for people who say they want a seat.. too many have backed out at the last minute and caused expense to rise needlessly for those left.

OOC - Random pollage

Ok, so admittedly this makes more sense if you're reading the boards, but I'm bored and haven't abused my ability to post polls in -ages- =)

Poll #977872 A querulous question...

Is Sister Librarian Leto

A Salacious bumblebee
A Salubrious bumblebee
Other - explain in comments

What flavour do you think Sister Librarian Leto should be...

Honey and mustard
Garlic and herb
Other - explain in comments

Chosen of the Ancestors Nominations

I've brought a summary of this debate across from the Temple boards because I know that some of you either don't have access or don't check it very often, so here goes. As usual, if I get anything wrong please spank correct me.

The current plan is to nominate the people that you believe to be the most suitable candidate to be the Chosen of a particular Ancestor. This is mainly an OOC thing, but the finalists will be brought to the attention of Peter, who will decide who gets what in relation to plot.

From an IC point of view, we will perform a Rite (probably on Friday at the Gathering) in which the nominees are presented to the Lords and Lady of Shadow, who will then judge if the canididates are suitable. If a person is deemed worthy, they will have to complete a task to prove their worth to the Ancestor that they will represent and to the rest of the Temple. This task must be completed by the end of the Gathering, otherwise someone else must be chosen. The Lords and Lady may not necessarily agree with the candidate that we present them with and could chose someone completely different, so everyone must be prepared for this!

Ideally, we need the candidates ready before the Gathering, so that we can put this to Peter in plenty of time for him to work out the details. We'll also need to write a Rite for this and chose someone to perform it. Ideally it should be Father Adrian, seeing as he's a Ritualist and our fearless leader. :D

Nominations to be posted either here or the Temple board - here's the link to the thread: http://templeofshadows.proboards26.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1177499705

The Gathering in August

Hey peeps!

I'm thinking of attending the Gathering in August. This will be my first time LARPing so I have a few questions.

How much money will it cost in total? This will be the entry fee, the tent pitch, food, etc?

What will be a good amount for spending money to take?

Obviously I'll need a tent, sleeping bag, holdall bag, torch and the usual camping gubbins. Anything else I need to take?

I'll need a hand creating my character before hand, so any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks.
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OOC: The basics

Hi guys, I'm not sure how much use this will be overall, but the boards don't seem to be working as well as they used to for fostering discussion so I thought maybe this might work better since quite a few of us have these things. For the moment it's just a test so there aren't exactly gonna be a lot of rules, that might come later, but just now if you're posting can you put whether the post is OOC or IC so we know how to respond to it. I've invited everyone that I could immediately remember the LJ names of, if I've missed anyone then respond to this post and let me know and I'll add them too. The community is unmoderated posting, but moderated membership, much like the leys.

Have fun, and please please please please make use of this, we need more chatter!


Edit - the current list of invities is...
gemz_lee - Gemz - Leto - In
amont - Eric - Adrian - In
aoife_lushon - Louise - Melaina - In
beazle666 - Andy - Damien - In
brain_hurts - Angus - Arbesto - In
el_burracho - Richie - Icarus - In
kashandara - Mandy - Corra - In
mind_expander - Al - Preceptor
missmalkavian - Elly - Celestria
squevil - Eddie - Drewin
setvenharis - Lars - ??? - In