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OOC - Random pollage

Ok, so admittedly this makes more sense if you're reading the boards, but I'm bored and haven't abused my ability to post polls in -ages- =)

Poll #977872 A querulous question...

Is Sister Librarian Leto

A Salacious bumblebee
A Salubrious bumblebee
Other - explain in comments

What flavour do you think Sister Librarian Leto should be...

Honey and mustard
Garlic and herb
Other - explain in comments
Tags: leto, polls, temple
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In my humble opinion, Gemz is Salacious and Leto is Salubrious. :D

As for the flavour - CAKE!!!
Ah, now I suppose you might have a point there... But I think Leto has it in her to be salacious, maybe I should ask Icarus :)
Hey, Leto is a nice, well-behaved young lady ... apart from that one time, which shall not be divulged here lest Arthur find out and hurt the other party involved. :P
Yes... after all.. Arthur believes they sleep in seperate beds.... in different houses...
He can only just cope with knowing they live on thje same Island ;-)
If it makes Arthur feel any better, Leto has recently taken to sleeping in a small room in the Temple Library, seeing as she practically lives there at the moment. She's just so busy!
And we're going to get Temple babies that way how exactly?

Corra needs young voices to train, you lot have all killed yours with smoke and alcohol!
Hey... don't lump me in with that lot, lol
I'm the weird one that doesn't drink or smoke, remember

(Just keep the fizzy cola bottle sweets away from me and it will all be fine ;-D )