April 29th, 2007

Chosen of the Ancestors Nominations

I've brought a summary of this debate across from the Temple boards because I know that some of you either don't have access or don't check it very often, so here goes. As usual, if I get anything wrong please spank correct me.

The current plan is to nominate the people that you believe to be the most suitable candidate to be the Chosen of a particular Ancestor. This is mainly an OOC thing, but the finalists will be brought to the attention of Peter, who will decide who gets what in relation to plot.

From an IC point of view, we will perform a Rite (probably on Friday at the Gathering) in which the nominees are presented to the Lords and Lady of Shadow, who will then judge if the canididates are suitable. If a person is deemed worthy, they will have to complete a task to prove their worth to the Ancestor that they will represent and to the rest of the Temple. This task must be completed by the end of the Gathering, otherwise someone else must be chosen. The Lords and Lady may not necessarily agree with the candidate that we present them with and could chose someone completely different, so everyone must be prepared for this!

Ideally, we need the candidates ready before the Gathering, so that we can put this to Peter in plenty of time for him to work out the details. We'll also need to write a Rite for this and chose someone to perform it. Ideally it should be Father Adrian, seeing as he's a Ritualist and our fearless leader. :D

Nominations to be posted either here or the Temple board - here's the link to the thread: http://templeofshadows.proboards26.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1177499705