June 5th, 2007

OOC: - Mini-bus for the Gathering 2007

Ok, I've already put a thread for this on the Temple board, but I know there are some who check here more often.

So for the benefit of the North Easterners and anyone from the other side of the wall, If you would like a place on the Battlebus for the Gathering 2007 going down on the Friday (I can't leave on the Thursday, but planning an early leave on the Friday morning) leave your tag here

I will be needing a non-refundable deposit from people (due to others, no longer with us it seems, saying they want a space then changing their mind at the last minute... literally), but once I get numbers I'll be able to confirm prices etc.
i have a new hire company, who have lots of lovely new minibuses and people carriers (plus a Merc SLK which I think I might treat myself to a days hire one time) which should work out cheaper than even the great prices offered by the old company.

So, who's gonna be first to sign up?