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shadow_isle's Journal

The livejournal presence of the Temple of Shadows
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The Temple serves the Lords and Lady of Shadow, seeking to preserve the balance and spread the word of the Seven as our predecessors have done since the time of the Empire.

The Temple is a very militant gothic and arcane group. We have a wealth of precedent, myth and beliefs that codify our lives. Our Ancestors sent us to protect the Unicorn Faction and we take this very seriously, even to the point of protecting the Faction from itself sometimes.

Please remember to include IC or OOC in your message header to avoid confusion among the brethren.

This is not an official site. Lorien Trust and "The Unicorn Faction" have not endorsed this in any way.
The Lorien Trust has no downtime system, and does not sanction on line gaming.
Therefore, whilst we can view this board as our discussion forum, no plot or in game activities can take place.
Nothing that takes place within this forum is sanctioned.
This ruling is in place to make sure that there is no bias to players with internet access.
Please bear these limitations in mind when posting.